A tour in the factory and our logistic base!

From the manufacturing to the shipping of our steel sheds: get behind the scenes!

In this video, you will find more about the different steps: steel cutting off process, pointing, welding, etc. All of our steel framed buildings are made of high strength steel ɪ profile.

Vidéo → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccstB6NRbMQ&feature=emb_title

From the manufacturing….

To the delivery

A guided tour of our factory and logistic base

Engineering department: Fabrication drawings development

Steel cutting off process: High-precision plasma cutting off

Pointing: Assembled the steel frames through a welding at regular intervals

Welding: Proceed by an automatic welding machine. High strength

Shot-blasting: Cleaning the steel through a process of projecting micro bubbles at high speed on its surface

Cleaning + hot-dip galvanization: Getting rust-proof alloy through a chemical reaction

Quality control: Measuring the zinc thickness. Compliant with ISO 2859-1 standards

Expedition: Grouping by batch for a delivery at our logistic base

Receiving at the logistic base: Gathering of your order elements

Controlling the command: Controlling the completeness of the elements of the command and the accessories

Loading and delivery: Loading and delivery in several countries

Assembling your building: The assembling can be offered by a partner company
+ Strong
+ Qualitative
- Expensive

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